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    1. Your Fennell Bay Cellars Discount Card allows you to accrue points to your account that you can use to discount the sale price of your subsequent purchases at Fennell Bay Cellars.
    2. The number of points that you earn is determined by the profit margin of the items you purchase.
    3. If you do not wish to use your points to discount subsequent purchases at Fennell Bay Cellars, you can accumulate your points till their expiry date.
    4. Your initial expiry date for your points is 4 December 2016. Any unused points remaining on your account at 7pm Sunday the 4th December 2016 will be deleted.
    5. When your “Application for Fennell Bay Cellars Discount Card” is processed, you will be issued with your Fennell Bay Cellars Discount Card that can be scanned during your purchase to accrue or redeem points.
    6. By Law, no discounts are available from cigarette or tobacco sales
    7. The Fennell Bay Cellars Discount Card is not transferable or refundable. The card remains the property of Fennell Bay Cellars
    8. The card must be presented in store at a time of purchase to affect a discount on the sale. But points can be allocated to an account (by anyone) without the card being presented.
    9. Fennell Bay Cellars reserves the rights to make changes to the discount or points structure of this scheme.
    10. Fennell Bay Cellars may forward product information to you.
    11. Whoever attends Fennell Bay Cellars and presents a valid Discount Card will be able to discount their sale with the points attached to that card. So, if your card is lost or stolen, please notify Fennell Bay Cellars on 02 49596677. Your stolen card number will be recorded and your card replaced.
    12. Fennell Bay Cellars is not responsible for the loss of any points used in a fraudulent transaction.
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